– Make a lead magnet.
– Post on your blog 3x a week.
– Watch a million uTube videos that don’t really tell you anything.
– Cold call for four hours everyday.
– Network 1-on-1 in every local Meet-Up group.
– Raise capital (10k) cause you’re pipeline is dry and bills are due.
– Pester people for referrals.
– Have a sit-down with your bff cause “this ain’t working”.
– Firmly intend you’ll make it through.
– Slave away half of the day doing bogus stuff everyone else teaches you to do.
– Enter the crying chamber cause it ain’t work’n.
– Spam multiple groups. Try to form a JV. Make vids in front of rentals posing as a ‘gooroo’.
– Meditate on your business, this time for real though… you’re up to your neck.
– See everyone else success cause they’re using REAL systems and REAL marketing to grow their business.
– Decide to give it another go because, well, “Anything they can do, I can do better.”
– 9 months later you’re still stuck.
– Make an only fans account.
– I can’t do this anymore…
– Have to get a 9-5 again.
– This can’t be life.
– Get hammered every weekend…
– Sabotage your self.
– BFF, Nanny, Grandpa, Dog and Cat are all disappointed. 😿
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FULL DISCLAIMER 1: This case study video is NOT live. It’s homemade and automated. [badboy]
FULL DISCLAIMER 2: I have been doing those for 7 years, so my results are not typical .
FULL DISCLAIMER 3: Getting that castle probably won’t come overnight but you’ll be getting clients and the bag (I don’t know what that means but that’s what the kids are saying these days).
FULL DISCLAIMER 4: I’ll make an offer to work with me at the end of the case study video, but you’ll still get value even if you hate me.
FULL DISCLAIMER 5: You may or may not hear my dog bark in the background. This is something that I can neither confirm nor deny.