Discover How To Source, Create, and Implement Hollywood Style CineMemes™ In Your Marketing, So You Can Drive Massive Engagement For Your Business… Starting Today!

In popular culture today, memes are a way of life. 

They even set the tone of our communication. 

In our digital world, most of us communicate via text message, DM, social media, and email.

Using my BTW Framework, each of these can be broken down into the three main levels of communication: 

Body language


and the Words we use. 

Interestingly enough, the words we use are the least important component of the communication process. 

The most important being the tonality that words create.

Memes are so popular because the sender immediately expresses their intention of what they want to say and how they want to say it to the person receiving the meme. 

Not only that, but because memes are creative, and make people laugh, it makes them memorable and you approachable.

I’m Leku Percival and I’ve Closed Over One Million In Sales Online In The Last 12 Months — Most of It From Follow-Up

That’s important to know because I always use memes in my follow-up. 

Sure, memes break the ice, and are hilarious, but they can help you increase your revenue, too. 

Memes have helped me to establish the sincerity and tone of the conversations I want to have across a variety of industries. 

I’ve sold digital products, real estate, Facebook ads, agency services, and more all using memes to close the deal. 

Now, I’ve not only created a course to teach you how to use memes to follow up effectively with your prospects and set the proper tonality for your communication, but I’ve preloaded dozens of popular memes that will work for you. 

You can begin to  use these memes in your sales and follow up processes right away. 

Learn how to use memes so you can communicate, follow up, and close your prospects, and you’ll also have prefabricated memes locked and loaded to go.

Let Me Show You How To Source, Create, and Implement Memes In Your Marketing To Drive Massive Engagement For Your Business!

This program contains several modules, top training ideas, and outside-the-box methods to follow up and close the prospects in a way that makes them want to work with you. 

We know communication is key, and to entice people to communicate with us, we have to follow up in an engaging style. 

When you use the memes I’ve created, you can go out into the marketplace and become a follow-up beast. 

You can and will close more sales.

When Was The Last Time You Got Over 20,494 Post Engagements With 3,500 Reactions and 16.7K Shares From A Single Post?

What You Get When You Join Today:

  • The Secret To Understanding Both Your Product and Your Audience
  • ​Basic Meme Context And It’s Importance
  • The Secret To Creating Your Memes
  • How To Master ​Using Your Memes
  • Access To The Private Facebook Group
  • BONUS MODULES: Making Sales With Your Memes and Building Simple Data Collection Pages & Websites
  • PLUS– When you join today you get 2 group coaching calls led by Leku himself!

CineMemes™ is an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn program, jam-packed with dozens of swipeable and deployable memes. 

Put them to work immediately, while being assured that there are plenty more at your disposal to use in the future.


CineMemes also includes access to our private Facebook group, where we communicate, create, and share memes to support and help each other. 

Lastly, this course will teach you the blueprint of how I use memes to close sales, and promote business and more on social media, as well as through email, texts, and DMs. 

Remember, memes set the tone. 
And the tone closes the sale.

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Memes are sweeping the world, and now you can implement them in a way that no one else is utilizing. 

This is how you stay ahead of the pack. 

This is how you become a Closer. 

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