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If you want to double the number of qualified leads you attract, double your profits and drive your competition crazy, this might be the most important information you’ll ever read. 

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I have just released a confidential new System called the “Peachtree Profits: Your Client Attraction System In A Box”

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  • How tiny “stealth” ads will burn up your phone lines with hot, pre-qualified prospects calling to hire you! (The actual ads are included in the course!)
  • How to get more respect and  increase your prestige. (Discover how to dominate your market and be the only game in town …be the most respected, in demand person in your market!)
  • The mysterious power of “3” – that once unleashed in your business will cause you profits to explode like a fireworks display on the fourth of July!
  • Instantly create killer marketing materials with almost no effort!
  • How to ask for and get more money! (Raise your prices, attract even more clients and finally get paid the money you deserve.)
  • The 7 instantly-effective steps to getting a stampede of new, paying clients. (You will never again have to worry about where your next client is coming from.)
  • The ultimate step-by-step profit generating system that makes your success easy. (Make bucket-loads of cash without sacrificing your lifestyle.)
  • How to put your business on autopilot so you can sit back and relax. (You might feel a little guilty about all the money you make with so little work!)
  • How to get more qualified leads in a month than your competitors get all year! (Struggling to attract new business? Learn this secret and unleash your client attraction super powers!)
  • The top secret marketing idea you can immediately use to DOUBLE your income without doubling the amount of work you do. (Not only will you rake in more money, you’ll also have a LOT more FREE TIME to enjoy the money you’re making.)
  • How YOU can be the person who has more business than he can handle, who is helping his clients and having fun – while your competitors are sitting around complaining about the lack of work
  • How to use technology to build trust, rapport and increase your status in the eyes of your prospects and clients. (You don’t need to know squat about technology to use this secret!)
  • A complete, step by step autopilot system that will keep you up to your neck in referral business. (This is a complete. proven system that you can implement 5 minutes after you learn about! I GUARANTEE that you have never seen such a dynamic and powerful system for getting referrals as the one you will discover!)
  • The most unique business card on the planet that transforms a “throw away” item into an electrifying marketing tool that your prospects and clients will guard it with their life. (Well, maybe not with their life but they will treasure it!) You’ve never seen anything like this.
  • A powerful stealth marketing strategy that pre-qualifies your prospects, educates them, sets their buying criteria and makes you the only logical service provider in your market!
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your Yellow Pages advertising by at least 300%…This is a very sophisticated strategy which will enhance your image…and make the phone ring of the hook.
  • A classy system for staying in touch with your prospects and clients throughout the year that, alone, will double your profits within the next 12 months.
  • The 3 biggest mistakes business owners make on their website, that are costing them clients and how to immediately fix the problem and turn your website into an automatic client generation machine!

That’s just a small sample of what you’ll find in the 133 page information rich “Peachtree Profits: Your Client Attraction System In A Box.”

It gives you the exact roadmap you need to run your own ridiculously successful business. It’s important to note that this manual is PACKED with information. There is not one ounce of fluff or filler it is all meat.

Two Reasons You
Should Believe What I Say

Reason one: I’m not directly involved in your business.

The advice in this program has helped 8,242 business owners such as consultants, speakers, bookkeepers, entertainers, photographers, real estate agents and other types of entrepreneurs from every corner of the world including Malaysia, England, Singapore, Finland, Canada, Israel, Germany, and the United States grow their businesses and make more money.

Because I’m primarily a marketing guy, you are getting cutting edge, innovative, and powerful new strategies and systems for attracting more leads, making more sales and making more money … marketing secrets that most of the folks aren’t even aware of.

I personally use my System every single day in my own businesses.  My System works.

Reason two: I put my money where my mouth is with an iron clad 100% Money Back, No Risk Double Guarantee.

You’ll be stunned when you hear about it in a few minutes. None of the so called marketing “gurus” would dare to make such a shocking guarantee. I literally guarantee you will be successful.

Now, you absolutely don’t need me to grow your business.

You can try to do everything yourself…try to create your own systems…learn by trial and error.

You can buy thousands of dollars worth of marketing courses and waste a lot of time and energy trying separate the wheat from the chafe.


You can use a system designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses, it 100% guaranteed and has already been proven to be wildly effective

My System reveals how you can quickly and easily make more money and generate more clients. It’s easy. It’s professional. It works.

In addition to the marketing and moneymaking secrets, the “Peachtree Profits: Your Client Attraction System In A Box” contains an arsenal of…

Easy To Use Copyright
Free Marketing Documents!

I have made using this System ultra-easy because I have done 96% of the work for you! You get all the proven marketing “tools” that you need to implement the strategies you discover.

And these documents are all marked ‘Copyright Free’, which gives you permission to take them and use them as you like! (If you were to pay me to develop ONE marketing campaign, I would typically charge $10,000 plus royalties, so there is over $100,000.00 worth of copywriting services provided in this System.)

Here is a sample of copyright free documents you have the rights to:

  • Three yellow page ads that will blow your mind and at least triple your results and profits!
  • A hypnotic telephone script that closes sales like crazy.
  • Empire building sales letters that will have your phone ringing of the hook with hot prospects who are predisposed to hiring you!
  • Three business cards that actually generate referrals and white hot pre-qualified leads for you (This is a NEW concept in business cards that will blow your mind and blow your competition out of the water!)
  • Newspaper ads that will have people calling and begging you to work with them. (This is not hype…Run one of these simple ads and you’ll have all the leads you can handle.)
  • An oversized postcard that will have clients lined up outside your door, wallets in hand, begging you to take their money.
  • A sample proposal letter that will increase your profits by 100%-500% the first time you use it.
  • A diabolical client survey form that automatically gets you KILLER testimonials and a constant stream of high quality referrals.
  • A “top secret” single piece of paper that could be worth $10,000 or more to you every single year (99% of business owners don’t have a clue about the strategy this piece of paper uses.)
  • Powerful lead generation documents that get pre-qualified people to call you. (With my system you NEVER ever have to cold call. People will be calling you.)
  • An arsenal of newspaper, yellow page and magazine ads that will get noticed and flood your business with more new leads, clients and sales than you can handle.

These copyright free documents are one of the major reasons why my System is the most powerful one available for business owners.

You are NOT just getting a book of ideas. You are getting the actual “tools” you need so you can put more cash in your pocket, immediately!

Don’t think this Program is just a big collection of letters, by the way.

SOME of my techniques utilize direct mail. And virtually EVERY effective method for attracting clients and making more money is included in my Program.

“Peachtree Profits: Your Client Attraction System In A Box” is the most comprehensive, easy to use, effective marketing program for business owners available today.

And remember, since these are copyright free documents, you get instant results and start generating a breathtaking amount of cash and clients very quickly! It could not be any easier!

Plus, in addition to the System and the copyright free marketing documents, you’re also going to get…


You get TWO “Marketing Critique Certificates”- each lets you send any marketing promotional item to me for my personal feedback by e-mail.

You can send in an ad, letter, brochure, whatever. You get advice from me on what you’ve done well, what you haven’t, and how to improve it.

(By the way, a word of warning: I tell it like it is with no sugar coating. I may hurt your feelings but I WILL help you get more clients and make more money!)

This IS a very real $400.00 value. Used properly, it could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.

You ALSO get my “My #1 Marketing Challenge Consultation Coupon. I’ll respond to your most important business challenge. I regularly charge $500.00 per hour for consulting, but this is included for you at no added charge!

By the way, I do the critiques and answer your questions myself. This is NOT delegated to a staff person. You actually have me working on your business for you.

Oh, these certificates have real value in terms of profit.

Warning: Do NOT Buy Any Marketing System Unless It Meets The Following 3 Criteria…

There is a lot of confusion surrounding marketing. I want to give you two criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have before you invest in any System:

One: Does the course offer copyright free tools you can take and use immediately? A lot of books contain nothing but ideas and strategies. The author fails to give you any examples of his materials or if he does, he warns you not to copy them. You should insist on getting actual marketing tools that you can take and immediately use.

Two: Does the author offer you personal help and coaching as part of the cost to buy the course? A lot of marketing books are simply designed to get you to buy more expensive courses or overpriced consulting. You want to be sure that you are going to get personal assistance and ongoing support.

Three: Does the author put his money where his mouth is with an iron-clad money back guarantee? If he is not confident enough in his product to offer you a guarantee, you should not be confident enough to buy it.

You Get At Least 10X’s Your Money’s Worth!

Comprehensive marketing Systems, like “Peachtree Profits: Your Client Attraction System In A Box” can cost $697-$995 or more and NONE of them can hold a candle to this system.

But I have big savings for you!

Originally, this System sold in a fancy, full color three-ring binder for $397 and the truth is, it was a steal at this price.

NOW to make it accessible to everyone, I have turned it into a DOWNLOADABLE COURSE you can get INSTANT ACCESS to for only $47.

So what’s my hidden motive? Why am I practically giving away this course?

Well, it’s NOT because this course is designed to sell you a more expensive course.

You get everything you need in this System without having to buy anything else. (I hate scams like that.)

Plus, once you see how my System produces leads, clients and profits for you like crazy, you’ll want to continue to business with me. And again, you do not have to buy anything else.  Plus, I still make a nice profit. It’s really a win-win situation.

Oh, and here’s another thing: I’m not going to try to persuade you into thinking there’s a limited supply of the “Peachtree Profits: Your Client Attraction System In A Box” Systems.

The reason I want you to give the “Peachtree Profits: Your Client Attraction System In A Box” a try is not because “supplies are limited”, or because my “price is good for a limited time”. Gimmicks like that only would lower my credibility.

This course belongs in your business library because I want you to stop having to worry about get clients and spending  your hard-earned cash on marketing books and schemes that just don’t work!! Isn’t that a good enough reason alone to order the “Peachtree Profits: Your Client Attraction System In A Box” right now?

I hope it’ll be an easy decision for you to make, because at just $297.00 $197.00, $47 if you apply yourself, follow my suggestions, use even ONE of the strategies in this System, the additional business you get will easily give you thousands of times return on your meager investment.

Seriously, how many extra clients do you need to get to make back your investment?

Plus, When You Order Now You’ll Receive This $197 Free Bonus Gift!

The “Profit Generator Market Dominator” Program… Just For TRYING “Peachtree Profits: Your Client Attraction System In A Box.”

By ordering right now, you will receive A FREE copy of marketing great Dave Dee’s  “Profit Generator, Market Dominator” program which he sold for as much as $197. In this FREE program you’ll discover:

  • The number on reason most people struggle to attract new clients…and how to instantly fix this problem.
  • The only thing your clients are interested in. (I guarantee you’re NOT appealing to this one simple thing and that it’s costing you tens of thousands of dollars a year.)
  • The “BIG LIE” that’s holding you back and causing you to waste a ton of money on marketing and advertising.
  • 7 things you must know about your client if you want to sell them.
  • How to set and get the fee you deserve…even if it’s much higher than your competitors!
  • How to generate more qualified leads than you can shake a stick at… discover my automatic “lead generation on steroids” system.
  • The priceless secret for generating leads via FREE email.
  • One question that can change everything for you instantly…Go from being a pauper to a mega wealthy prince with this simple mind shift!
  • How to rapidly and dependably grow your business…what the marketing gurus don’t want to tell you.
  • How to make a major impact in your target market in a short period of time without spending a mint on advertising.(Clients and referrals will start pouring in once you know this secret.)
  • How to use dirt cheap postcards to make your phone ring off the hook and your appointment book overflow.
  • How to write marketing copy so strong that it sucks money out of clients pockets like a Hoover on steroids!
  • The 10 biggest mistakes people make when trying to market their business on the Internet.
  • How to create a website that puts money in your pocket. (You don’t need to know squat about html, technology or any of that stuff.)
  • The 7 elements your website needs…miss just one of these elements and you’re losing money and lots of it.
  • The completely automated way to follow up with each and every one of your website visitors. (You literally don’t have to do a thing!)
  • How to read your client’s minds, make more sales and gain an unfair advantage over the competition with my exclusive “psychic salesperson” secrets.
  • And WAAAY more…

Again, this was sold for $197 but you get it INSTANT ACCESS to it for FREE when you order “Peachtree Profits: Your Client Attraction System In A Box” now!

My Personal Guarantee

You have ONE FULL YEAR to examine everything, use what you want, and then if you don’t make at least $1,000 in PROFITS you would not have made otherwise, you can ask for and get a 100% refund of your purchase price.

You read that correctly. There is no teeny tiny print or weasel clauses. If you don’t profit from my System by at least one grand, you can get your money back. It’s that simple and straightforward

Why am I offering you this opportunity to try my proven marketing methods at absolutely no risk?

It’s really quite simple.

First, I KNOW these techniques and strategies work because everything, every letter, ad, idea, has worked amazingly well for me.

Plus, I also realize you’re probably skeptical so I wanted to remove any risk or doubt you might have.

This is all PROVEN stuff and you will get the same incredible results as my other clients once you get my secrets working for you.

Second, I trust you to be fair and not take advantage of me or my offer.

Don’t decide now if this product is for you. Just get it and try it out. Prove to yourself that this System is all I say it is.

Put it to the test in your own business and then decide whether it is a killer as I say it is or if you want your money back.

You have nothing to lose, everything to gain and less than zero risk.

Look at it this way — $297  $47 is just a painless drop in the bucket compared to being frustrated because you offer a great product or service but aren’t generating enough clients or making the money you deserve

Get ready to have your phone ringing off the hook with people calling to hire you, be prepared for a flood of new clients and more money than you’ve ever made before. Click here to order online right now

To your best success,
Leku Percival

P.S. William Hanaford from NY sent me the following e-mail… (As a member of our System, you’ll get results like these too)

“I think the course is the best out there. I buy every marketing course I can find. I have enjoyed several different ones, but yours is the BEST! I bought your course and the phone started ringing off the hook. Thanks again for a great product!”

“Peachtree Profits:
Your Client Attraction System In A Box”

Only $47

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