The Fascinating Story Of Three Famous NYC Entrepreneurs

On a sweltering summer afternoon, twenty-five years ago (1995), three young men agreed and decided to make a recording label.

The trio were similar in background:

As young, and talented black males growing up in the slums of a city, ravaged by the crack epidemic of the 80s and crawling with (cops and) criminals.

However all three of them wanted to find a way out (of poverty)

…and each had a dream that sparked them to make it in the future.

In July, these three guys were mentioned in the news.

After all those years, they were very much the same.

> All three of them were happily married…

> Each had multiple children….

> And they all branched out from the record label they started.

Now you see there was a (major key) difference between them, since they all made a name for themselves in different ways.

In the summer of 2020, one man was estimated to have $2 Million, the second man’s worth $10 Million, and the third is a Billionaire.


How many times have you thought about what it really takes to make a profitable business?

It has nothing to do with you working extremely hard, being highly talented, or even well connected within your network.

It’s not like this person wants to own a profitable business and everyone else don’t.

It really boils down to a simple formula.

I – A = F

Which simply means that;

Information minus Application equals Frustration.

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